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Hypno's' long, hooked nose and white frill could also be based on a vulture, such as Rüppell's' vulture. Aspects of Hypno's' behavior also resemble various fairies, goblins, bogeymen, and other supernatural entities in European folklore. Hypno is a shortening of hypnosis.
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Hypnos Greek God of Sleep
Hera then transformed Hypnos into a bird and he quickly flew to Poseidon to inform him that he could help the Achaeans while Zeus was sleeping. The Greeks won the war, and Zeus never found out that he had been fooled once again.
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HYPNOS Greek God of Sleep Roman Somnus.
One of these, across the earth and the wide sea-ridges, goes his way quietly back and forth, and is kind to mortals, but the heart of the other one is iron, and brazen feelings without pity are inside his breast."
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Hypnos Greco-Roman god
Hypnos lay on his soft couch, surrounded by his many sons, who were the bringers of dreams. Chief among them were Morpheus, who brought dreams of men; Icelus, who brought dreams of animals; and Phantasus, who brought dreams of inanimate things.
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He also show to be very cowardly in the past, having hid himself in his mother's' arms to avoid Zeus anger, and when Hera requested his assistance against Zeus yet again, Hypnos only complies when she swore to give him Pasithea's' hand in marriage.
Hypnos, The God of Sleep in Ancient Mythology YouTube.
Hypnos was reputed to live in a cave which was the source of the river Lethe, the symbol of forgetfulness. According to the Roman poet Ovid, Hypnos fathered children, called the Oneiroi, gods and demigods, who were in charge of dreams and nightmares.
Hypnos Facts and Information on the God Hypnos.
Hypnos was asked twice by Hera the goddess of love and marriage who is married to her brother, Zeus, to put Zeus to sleep. The first time Hypnos put Zeus to sleep it was to avenge the ransacking of the city of Troy by Zeus son, Heracles.

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