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According to a passage in Deipnosophistae, the sophist and dithyrambic poet Licymnius of Chios 8 tells a different tale about the Endymion myth, in which Hypnos, in awe of his beauty, causes him to sleep with his eyes open, so he can fully admire his face.
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Hypnos Greco-Roman god Britannica.
In Book XIV of Homers Iliad, Hypnos is enlisted by Hera to lull Zeus to sleep so that she can aid the Greeks in their war against Troy. As a reward for his services, Hypnos is given Pasithea, one of the Graces, to wed.
Pokemon: Hypno's' Lullaby, a pokémon fanfic FanFiction.
Now she was stuck at her bedroom door, so close yet so far from escape, unwillingly being captured by Hypno's' hypnotic waves. Her eyes slid down to slits, and with that they closed, causing her to drop to the floor, still clutching her guitar.
Hypnos Canada Born in England, Handmade in Canada.
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Hypnos, the God of Sleep by Shruti Kumar.
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HYPNOS Greek God of Sleep Roman Somnus.
One of these, across the earth and the wide sea-ridges, goes his way quietly back and forth, and is kind to mortals, but the heart of the other one is iron, and brazen feelings without pity are inside his breast."
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I then did a price search online and found the mattress cheaper elsewhere but the Hypnos team where amazing and since all mattresses are handmade by them, on order from many suppliers, they confirmed there was no difference buying from an independent store.
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