Types of Asexual Spore

Fungi produce two major types of asexual spore: SPORANGIOSPORES and CONIDIA.

  • ENDOGENOUS - formed and contained WITHIN a SPORANGIUM.
  • Formed as a result of the CLEAVAGE OF PROTOPLASM around nuclei.
  • Followed in some cases by formation of a wall around each nucleate portion of protoplasm.
  • Characteristic of fungi belonging to the CHYTRIDIOMYCOTA, OOMYCOTA and HYPHOCHYTRIDIOMYCOTA.
  • Two main types - ZOOSPORES (motile) and APLANOSPORES (non-motile)
  • EXOGENOUS - often formed at the tip of supporting hyphae called a CONIDIOPHORES
  • Develop in a variety of ways.
  • Characteristic of MITOSPORIC FUNGI and fungi belonging to the ASCOMYCOTA and BASIDIOMYCOTA.
  • Two main types - THALLIC and BLASTIC

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