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Quitting Smoking With Lasers: Too Good to Be True?
One such intervention is laser acupuncture, which promises smoking cessation in as little as an hour, with no side effects and no residual cravings. It sounds like the intervention weve been waiting for, but is it too good to be true?
Laser Smoking Cessation THOR Laser.
Laser Smoking Cessation. THOR equipment is used by most laser smoking cessation centres across the world. LLLT can be used instead of needles for acupuncture and is ten times more effective than patches, gum or hypnotherapy according the results from two NHS trials in Scotland.
Stop Quit Smoking Imagine Laserworks Laser Therapy.
Well documented success rates reported from the Imagine Laserworks centres using our proprietary software to actively monitor smoking cessation success rates. 1 week 94.4%. 1 month 86.72%. 3 months 83%. 6 months 82%. 1 year 76%. Imagine Laserworks will help you stop smoking the easiest way possible, in addition, for those few who need extra support our quit smoking program comes with an extended warranty program. Back up booster programs for those people who need additional support 85% or so dont need boosters! and for what we term repeat offenders. reduced rates within 4 weeks and after that its half price up to a year. Anytime this happens your follow up booster program starts all over again. We are here to win and in this game failure is not an option you see when you win we win. Quit smoking in less than an hour! IMAGINE Laser Therapy to Stop Smoking with up to 95% success rates.
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Quit Smoking.
Laser therapy includes a one-hour laser treatment and private consultation by a Certified Laser Technician plus detox supplements, informational handout, CD, and ongoing support. What is laser therapy? Laser therapy is a highly effective treatment to quit smoking. A low-powered laser is applied to areas on your ears, face and hands.

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