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Let me fix your hair and we'll' hurry to Vinton's' as fast as ever we can. Now hurry into your dressing gown and let's' begin our letters. So hurry up and get out of here, if you know what's' good for you!
Hurry Definition of Hurry by Merriam-Webster.
in a hurry.: without delay: as rapidly as possible the police got there in a hurry. Other Words from hurry Synonyms Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about hurry. Keep scrolling for more. Other Words from hurry.
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Your math teacher may criticize your sloppy work by commenting, Looks" like you were in a hurry" Hurry is one of many words that were invented by William Shakespeare, who used it frequently. Definitions of hurry. v move very fast.
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hurry Wiktionary.
Accordingly, as oon as the hurry was over, and the ervants, as he thought, all gone to leep, he tole out of her bed, and went down tairs, naked to her hift as he was, with a deign to teal them.
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In a hurry Synonyms, In a hurry Antonyms
Synonyms for in a hurry. in a hurry. Words For Your First Date. Avoid these words. The Oldest Words in English. What's' the Word for how it Smells After it Rains? More words related to in a hurry. in a hurry.
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hurry Definition of hurry in English by Oxford Dictionaries. English logo. Oxford University Press logo.
Paddy is missed by his many neighbours and friends and we all wish him a very speedy recovery and say hurry up and come home. Maria was speaking in Indonesian to the driver, telling him to hurry up, hurry up.
HURRY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
We left in such a hurry that we forgot our tickets. Can" you wait a few minutes" Yes, I'm' not in any hurry/I'm' in no hurry I can wait." Are you in a hurry wanting to leave? What's' all the hurry for/Why all the hurry?
Hurry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Three friends from Philadelphia, PA. Jersey City, NJ. Every Little Thought. contact / help. If you like Hurry, you may also like.: supported by 20 fans who also own Every Little Thought. This album is soooo special to me.
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in a hurry informal. easily you won't' beat him in a hurry. willingly we won't' go there again in a hurry. Derived Forms hurrying, noun, adjective hurryingly, adverb Word Origin for hurry. C16 horyen, probably of imitative origin; compare Middle High German hurren; see scurry.
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