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Her husband wanted me to hypnotize her but I preferred another way. Now we come to the point where the subject wishes to hypnotize himself. You carried her off against her willand did what you could to hypnotize her into marrying you.
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Hypnotize The Notorious B.I.G. song Wikipedia.
radio before being issued as a single. On its release, Hypnotize" entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number two, right behind labelmate and co-writer and co-producer Sean Puff" Daddy" Combs" Can't' Nobody Hold Me Down" When Hypnotize" reached number one two weeks later, it made The Notorious B.I.G.
Could a Computer Hypnotize You? MIT Technology Review.
Could a Computer Hypnotize You? Transforming hypnosis from an art to a science. by Emily Singer. Sep 28, 2007. I ran a panel titled Engineering the Brain at Technology Review s EmTech conference yesterday. One of the speakers was Ed Boyden, a new professor at the MIT Media Lab and one of last years TR35.
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Hypnotize definition of hypnotize by The Free Dictionary.
Hypnotize has rivals under his spell; RACING. He believes that Stalin used people's' susceptibility to the supernatural and their belief in the devil since God had been taken away to hypnotize them and to pit neighbor against neighbor and family member against family member.
How to Hypnotize Someone with Pictures wikiHow.
Find a willing partner who wants to be hypnotized and is willing to be patient and relaxed for the best results. Do not hypnotize someone with a history of mental or psychotic disorders, as this can lead to unintended and dangerous consequences.
hypnotize Wiktionary.
IPA key: /hpntaz/. hypnotize third-person singular simple present hypnotizes, present participle hypnotizing, simple past and past participle hypnotized. transitive To induce a state of hypnosis in. Derived terms edit. Related terms edit. To induce somebody into a state of hypnosis.
HYPNOTIZE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The ensign is hypnotized and returned to his ship, which returns to the past to its certain destruction. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. See all examples of hypnotize. Translations of hypnotize.
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How To Hypnotize Yourself For Success In 20 Minutes Or Less!
How To Hypnotize Yourself For Success In 20 Minutes Or Less! Societys perception of hypnosis has come a long way since its old Hollywood portrayal of mustachioed men in top hats, seizing minds with the swing of a pocket watch.
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hypnotize meaning of hypnotize in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
Grammar Hypnotize is usually passive in this meaning. See Verb table Examples from the Corpus hypnotize Many people are curious as to who can and who can not be hypnotized. A simple, maddeningly repetitious vibration, it pulsed out from the crystal, and hypnotized all who came within its spell.
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Hypnotize definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
British English: hypnotize VERB. If someone hypnotizes you, they put you into a state in which you seem to be asleep but can still see, hear, or respond to things said to you. A hypnotherapist will hypnotize you and will stop you from smoking. American English: hypnotize.

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