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Hyponatremia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments.
If you drink too much water when you do something thats physically very hard like a marathon you may be more likely to develop hyponatremia. Because the symptoms of hyponatremia can vary so much from person to person, your doctor will probably order a blood and urine test to confirm the diagnosis.
Low Blood Sodium Hyponatremia.
Insufficient sodium in your blood is also known as hyponatremia. It occurs when water and sodium are out of balance. In other words, theres either too much water or not enough sodium in your blood. Normally, your sodium level should be between 135 and 145 milliequivalents per liter mEq/L. Hyponatremia occurs when your sodium level goes below 135 mEq/L.
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Hyponatremia Low Level of Sodium in the Blood Hormonal and Metabolic Disorders MSD Manual Consumer Version.
Restricting fluids and stopping use of diuretics can help, but severe hyponatremia is an emergency requiring use of drugs, intravenous fluids, or both. Causes of Hyponatremia. Hyponatremia occurs when the body contains too little sodium for the amount of fluid it contains.
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Hyponatremia Wikipedia.
Often categorized under euvolemic is hyponatremia due to inadequate urine solute not enough chemicals or electrolytes to produce urine as occurs in beer potomania or tea" and toast" hyponatremia, hyponatremia due to hypothyroidism or central adrenal insufficiency, and those rare instances of hyponatremia that are truly secondary to excess water intake.
Hyponatremia Low Sodium Signs Symptoms.
Acute hyponatremia describes the situation in which sodium levels drop quickly, while chronic hyponatremia describes situations with a gradual fall in the sodium concentrations over days or weeks. Chronic hyponatremia is often well tolerated since the body has a chance to adapt.
Low sodium level: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia.
Treating the condition that is causing low sodium can help. If you play sports or do other vigorous activity, drink fluids such as sports drinks that contain electrolytes to keep your body's' sodium level in a healthy range. Hyponatremia; Dilutional hyponatremia; Euvolemic hyponatremia; Hypervolemic hyponatremia; Hypovolemic hyponatremia.
Hyponatremia: A practical approach.
Diuretic-induced hyponatremia: Hyponatremia is common with use of thiazides, begins soon after initiation of thiazides, may be severe and is common in elderly females. Thiazide-induced hyponatremia, occurs due to increased water intake, reduction in diluting ability and water excretion in distal tubule.

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