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these alleles are sheltered in heterozygote s. Even though populations under selection technically are not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the proportions of the formula can be used as an approximation to show the relative proportions of homozygous recessives and heterozygote s.
Heterozygote Biology-Online Dictionary.
Each maternal chromosome has a corresponding paternal chromosome to match with based on their loci. Each pair of chromosomes is referred to as homologous chromosomes. When the homologous chromosomes bear different alleles on the same loci, such organism is referred to as heterozygote.
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Examples from the Web for heterozygote Expand. If the individual was really a heterozygote, approximately fifty per cent. Being Well-Born Michael F. Eosin is allelomorphic to white and the white-eosin compound or heterozygote has the color of the eosin male.
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Heterozygote advantage as a natural consequence of adaptation in diploids PNAS.
In diploids, it is the fitness of the mutant heterozygote r ab that primarily determines the probability of successful invasion; therefore, we define the area in which mutations are adaptive in diploids dip by the condition w r ab w r aa.
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Definition of Heterozygote.
Heterozygote: An individual who has two different forms of a particular gene, one inherited from each parent. A heterozygote for cystic fibrosis CF has the CF gene on one chromosome 7 and the normal paired gene on the other chromosome 7.
Heterozygote advantage Wikipedia.
A heterozygote advantage describes the case in which the heterozygous genotype has a higher relative fitness than either the homozygous dominant or homozygous recessive genotype. The specific case of heterozygote advantage due to a single locus is known as overdominance.
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Home British World English heterozygote. Definition of heterozygote in English.: An individual having two different alleles of a particular gene or genes, and so giving rise to varying offspring. Compare with homozygote. In a population with variation on both sex chromosomes, one does not know which sex chromosome carries a specific allele in a heterozygote of the heterogametic sex.
heterozygote Wiktionary.
From hetero zygote. heterozygote plural heterozygotes. genetics A diploid individual that has different alleles at one or more genetic loci. biology A bacteriophage that has two different copies of its genetic material and so produces two types of offspring. Related terms edit.
Heterozygote Advantage for Fecundity.
These are amongst the most frequent and compelling examples of heterozygote advantage yet described and the first documented examples of heterozygote advantage that are not reliant on a disease interaction for their maintenance. Citation: Gemmell NJ, Slate J 2006 Heterozygote Advantage for Fecundity.

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