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Suggestible definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
He finds her, he blows some powder on her, makes her extremely suggestible. Michael Gruber TROPIC OF NIGHT 2003. Trends of suggestible. suggestible is one of the 30000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary. View usage for: All Years.
SUGGESTIBLE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
They bulk large among the unemployables and are often dangerously suggestible. Hypnosis is a complex phenomenon, in which the subject is put into a state of heightened concentration and becomes greatly suggestible. Old people are highly suggestible and vulnerable. To be suggestible is not to be gullible.
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suggestible Dictionary Definition:
It's' easy to convince a suggestible person to do something, believe something, or to change their mind about something. Suggestible voters are easily swayed by emotional political ads on TV, and if you're' very suggestible, your brother talking about his migraine can convince you that you might have migraines too.
Suggestibility Wikipedia.
Common examples of suggestible behavior in everyday life include contagious" yawning" multiple people begin to yawn after observing a person yawning and the medical student syndrome a person begins to experience symptoms of an illness after reading or hearing about it.
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Suggestible Define Suggestible at
adjustable, bending, ductile, elastic, extensible, extensile, flexile, formative, impressionable, limber, lithe, malleable, moldable, plastic, pliable, pliant, soft, spongy, springy, stretch. Examples from the Web for suggestible. Historical Examples of suggestible. He is suggestible, and here are the suggestions; he is made to inherit and he inherits.
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suggestible Definition of suggestible in English by Oxford Dictionaries. English logo. Oxford University Press logo.
It is not admissible simply to show that in the doctor's' opinion an accused, who is not suffering from such illness or condition, is especially timid, suggestible or vulnerable to pressure and threats. Only responsible citizens should vote, not the ignorant and suggestible.
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suggestible Wiktionary.
suggestible comparative more suggestible, superlative most suggestible. Susceptible to influence by suggestion. susceptible to influence. Galician: suxestionábel gl m, f. Romanian: sugestionabil m, n. Spanish: sugestionable es of a person, sugerible es of an object or thing. Retrieved from" https//
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The Polynesian sorcerers confessed their practices harmless to Europeanswho; were not suggestible on that plane of ideas. Not knowing facts to the contrary, the suggestible mind accepts the proposition. The suggestible witness believes himself to have seen and heard what the lawyer suggests.
Suggestible Definition of Suggestible by Merriam-Webster.
Matt Ford, The New Republic, The" Worlds Most Powerful Rube, 4 June 2018 As Kirillov, his suggestible victim, paced the stage, preparing to commit suicide as the ultimate proof of his free will, Verkhovensky slowly and deliberately devoured a chicken, diligently sucking on every wing and bone.
Suggestible definition of suggestible by The Free Dictionary.
But perception is suggestible which can read across to image management. That confession, Amor's' attorneys say, was coerced from a highly suggestible man who had just lost his home, all his belongings, his mother-in-law and, ultimately, his marriage when he was served divorce papers during his interrogation.

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