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Indonesia Wikipedia.
306 The style and characteristics of modern Indonesian literature vary according to the dynamics of the country's' political and social landscape, 306 most notably the war of independence in the second half of 1940s and the anti-communist mass killings in the mid-1960s.
Unrest Plagues Wahid's' Tenure as President. 20, 1999, in a surprising upset, the Indonesian parliament elected Abdurrahman Wahid as the new president of Indonesia, defeating Megawati Sukarnoputri, the popular leader of the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle. Wahid was a Sufi cleric as well as an adept politician with a reputation for honesty and moderation.
RAND Indonesian Family Life Survey IFLS RAND.
Simply looking at frequencies will not always explain what the data looks like. The Indonesian Family Life Survey IFLS is an on-going longitudinal survey in Indonesia. The sample is representative of about 83% of the Indonesian population and contains over 30000, individuals living in 13 of the 27 provinces in the country.
Indonesia Forests Greenpeace USA.
The country is home to between 10 and 15 percent of the worlds known plants, mammals, and birds. But in the last half century, more than 74 million hectares of Indonesian rainforestan area twice the size of Germanyhave been logged, burned, or degraded.
American Institute for Indonesian Studies AIFIS.
The American Institute for Indonesian Studies AIFIS fosters scholarly collaborations between Indonesian and American scholars and researchers. AIFIS promotes educational and research initiatives by American scholars pursuing work in Indonesia, and helps to facilitate research visits by Indonesian scholars in the United States.
Indonesia News Top stories from Al Jazeera.
Indonesia: Aceh community support rescued Rohingya refugees. A community in western Indonesia is banding together to support a group of 99 Rohingya refugees, who they rescued from Indonesian waters late last month. Asia Pacific 01 Jul 2020 1432: GMT. Indonesia: Jakarta bans single-use plastic bags.
Indonesian names Wikipedia.
Indonesian names and naming customs reflect the multicultural and polyglot nature of the over 17000, islands in the Indonesian archipelago. The world's' fourth most populous nation, Indonesia is home to approximately 365 ethnic groups, each with their own culture, customs, and language.
Exclusive: Pilot radioed alert on doomed Indonesian jet's' previous flight Reuters.
The Denpasar-Jakarta flight landed at the Indonesian capitals airport at 1055: p.m. local time on Sunday. The same Boeing 737 MAX jet took off at 620: a.m. the next morning, bound for Bangka island, off Sumatra, and plunged into the sea 13 minutes later.
Indonesia South China Morning Post.
The sentence for Felix Dorfin meted out by the presiding judge was far harsher than the 20-year jail term recommended by Indonesian prosecutors. The sentence for Felix Dorfin meted out by the presiding judge was far harsher than the 20-year jail term recommended by Indonesian prosecutors.

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