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Colitis Resulting in Obliteration of the Lumen of the Intestine NEJM. logo-32. logo-40. logo-60. New England Journal of Medicine.
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5 Marianne Ferber and Eugene Garfield concur with Chapman, noting that obliteration often occurs when the citation count and reputation of an affected scientist have already reached levels much higher than average. The obliteration phenomenon is a concept in library and information science, referring to the tendency for truly ground-breaking research papers to fail to be cited after the ideas they put forward are fully accepted into the orthodox world view.
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They were standing at the front of the stage, choir-fashion, obliterating the voices of several soloists further up-stage. From the Cambridge English Corpus. As with the onemeasure patterns, the accents here create rhythmic tension without obliterating the underlying duple feel.
Pathology Outlines Fibrous obliteration.
Appendiceal mucosal Schwann cell proliferation: no obliteration of lumen; may be more common in appendiceal diverticula Int J Surg Pathol 201321603.: Board review style question 1. Which of the following is true about fibrous obliteration of the appendix? Can show marked cytologic atypia, mimicking sarcoma.
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obliteration Definition of obliteration in English by Oxford Dictionaries. English logo. Oxford University Press logo.
Perhaps the danger we face is not the mutually assured obliteration of the two parties, but the destruction of our democracy. But the obliteration of Nagasaki was, if comparisons on this scale are even possible, even worse than that of Hiroshima.
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Nothing but fish stands between their town and obliteration. Do you not see that the obliteration of it is the brand upon the forehead of morality? One of these was the obliteration of thrift from the minds of the French people.
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obliteration countable and uncountable, plural obliterations. The total destruction of something. The cancellation, erasure or deletion of something. medicine The cancellation of the function, structure, or both of a vessel or organ; for example, the occlusion of the lumen of a duct, blood vessel, or lymphatic vessel, be it solely functional as when squeezed by nearby mass effect or inflammation or both structural and functional as when clogged with thrombus, embolus, or fibrosis.
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Obliteration of the mastoid air cell system with porous tricalcium phosphate ceramic. An animal experiment of the bulla tympanica of the pig auth. PubMed NCBI.
The paper reports on an animal experiment on the obliteration of mastoid cavities with tricalcium phosphate ceramic. The pneumatic air cell system of the bulla tympanica of pigs of 11-12 weeks of age was totally removed in one group of animals and partially removed in the second group.

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