Recommended learning and teaching resources

Front cover of 21st Century Guidebook to Fungi

21st Century Guidebook to Fungi (with CD) by David Moore, Geoffrey D. Robson & Anthony P. J. Trinci

  • Paperback, 640 pages, 2011
  • Cambridge University Press
  • ISBN 978-0-521-18695-7
  • Price £40-00
Front cover of The Fungi.

The Fungi by Michael J. Carlile, Sarah C. Watkinson & Graham W. Gooday

  • Paperback, 588 pages, 2001
  • Academic Press
  • ISBN 0-12-738446-4
  • Price £44-99 (Kindle e-book £26-32)
  • [The website for this book]
Front cover of Fungal Biology.

Fungal Biology by Jim Deacon

Front cover of Biology of Living Fungi

Biology of Living Fungi by Patrick C. Hickey & Nick D. Read

  • CD ROM, 2003
  • Sponsored and published by the British Mycological Society
  • A compilation of movies that illustrate key aspects of the cell biology of living filamentous fungi.The movies can be readily imported into Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations. Preview the movies
  • Price £20-00 (including postage and packing)
  • Available from the Fungal Cell Biology Group at

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